Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Blog.... Continued

My last entry was in 2011, and today I saw fit to start writing again. Many things have changed since my last entry. My dear Mother has passed away. The pain of this is so immense for me, but we must press on. I will write about Mom's last year in future blogs, but for this first-blog-back, I'd like to dedicate my writings to her memory.

Mom always loved my blogs. She read each one faithfully, and always encouraged me to write. Even after I stopped writing the blog, she would ask every now and then "Are you going to write any more blogs?" Yes Mom, I'm writing again.

I think it's important to document our daily life, as we plod along in this world. I want to always remember the homes that we live(d) in, the children at each age of their childhood, the hobbies and endeavors that Jim and I embrace(d), and all of the circus and circumstance in between.

Today Jim and I met with our Attorney to create a Will, Living Will, Trust and Power of Attorney contracts. It's incredibly important to have your assets and belongings squared away before you pass, but who do you leave your memories to? That is what this blog is for -- my memories to share.

The title of this blog "Casa de los Igunanas Gordos" is a title that I came up with nearly 10 years ago when Jim and I lived in Southern California. We had a big fat green iguana named Rocky. After Rocky passed away we adopted two small iguanas, Pete and Nelson, and they too became big fat iguanas. If you know anything about reptiles then you know that a fat iguana is a happy iguana. I think this is fitting, because essentially this blog is titled "The House of the Happy."

Shortly before my beloved Mommoms died in 2005 she commented to my Mom, "We have a happy home, don't we?" To which Mom replied, "Yes, we certainly do." Just 6 weeks ago, as I as driving my Mom to Hopkins Hospital... and holding back my tears as best I could, I asked my Mom, "What do I tell myself when you're gone and my heart aches for you?" Mom told me, "You tell yourself that you have a happy home." This blog is dedicated to my Mother, and my happy home...courtesy of my family and the special women of my life that are no longer on this earth, Mommoms and Mom.

The picture above is Mom with the grandkids, lounging in the pool at our OBX Rental Home last summer. This was one of Mom's favorite places to be, in the sun, in a pool, and with her grandkids.... all at once.